Our Commitment

Benchmark Displays’ team is committed to helping take your custom display project, simple or complex, from a hazy vision to practical reality. We will bring our decades of combined experience designing custom acrylic, plexi, wood and wire displays together in a focused way to develop and produce the display solution best suited to your needs and in a form, which supports your unique image in the marketplace.

Process Solutions

Benchmark Displays takes pride in its ability to listen to its customers and prospects. When you choose us as your solution partner, our team becomes a part of yours as we go to work to create and produce the finest custom display, out of the material you select, whether it's acrylic, plexi, wood or wire, the decision is yours! 

Custom Display Solutions

Our greatest strength at Benchmark Displays rests in our ability to design and build custom display solutions, including acrylic, plexi, wood and wire,  which exceed customer expectations.

Team Experience

Benchmark Display’s team brings together more than 100 years of combined experience in creating custom acrylic and plexi displays,  as well as procurement, and customer service.

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