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The Realities of Retail and Point of Purchase Displays

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We’ve all heard the expression “you only get one chance to make a first impression” right?  And let’s face it, we’ve all had that “first impression” experience, over and over again actually….whether it was a job interview…ugh!  Or first date, even bigger UGH!  And there have been some good, some bad, and some, yes, you guessed it, heinous!  (You thought I was going to say Ugly, didn’t you?)  You know the one’s I’m talking about?  The first date with the “nice” guy or girl your friends set you up with…who as it turns out spends way too much time talking about HIS or HER feelings, (that and their cat skizzy)…or the employer who spends 20 grueling minutes interrogating you for the only open position they have, and then he/she asks that impossible question they all seem to ask, describe one of your biggest flaws…and scratch!  You blew it….Next….

So where am I going with this?  Well, when it comes to retail, I have discovered that first, as well as last impressions are critical.  Let’s face it, all of us are inherently visual, we are drawn to what we perceive is attractive….that’s why exhaustive research and expense has gone into case studies, and customer surveys… What color should our packaging be if we sell high carb protein bars?  Studies have shown the color green increases a person’s appetite…Also, scent marketing has become hugely popular, because again, studies have shown that scent has a proven impact on buying decisions.


The same can be said of brick and mortar retail stores.  A customer, such as me walks into the store, and where do my eyes land?  On that visually stunning custom display I see directly in my line of sight.  The one with the amazing new and improved 100 SPF sunscreen and the stunning bronzed gods and goddesses wearing next to nothing.  Wow, I suddenly want a tube or two, despite the fact that I live in far north Alaska and my body hasn’t seen the light of day in more than a decade!  In the cart they go… and I’m off… cruising up and down the aisles, distracted and suddenly I forget the one thing I came here for… By the time I make my way to the register, my shopping cart is loaded with essential as well as non essential items I must have… and take note retailers, here’s your final chance to get my attention before I walk out the door.  There it is!  Another custom POP counter top display, hair extensions in various colors!  So I horde.  After all, they’re on sale, a close-out special… Never mind that I’m pushing 80 and have virtually no hair left on my head!  With these beauties my grandkids just might invite me out to a club.  And so it goes.  With all the competing brands out there, you need to grab a customer’s attention.  You’ve made a great product, so now what?  If you haven’t gotten the hint yet, how can you make your merchandise stand out?  In a nutshell, make it appealing!  Showcase it with a well thought out custom display.  Whether your display is acrylic or more eco friendly like chipboard, your goal is to make me think your product is the one I just can’t live without!

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