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Case studies benefit you because they are conducted and written for potential customers of yours. Typically case studies will outline a challenge faced by a customer, a solution to the problem, and last but not least the outcome of using the recommended solution. They give a potential client an overview of working with you and what they can expect from the experience. Think of case studies as a critical part of growing your business because they can convert potential prospects to long term clients. They are key to determining where improvements can be made. 1) What questions should you address adequately in a case study? 2) What type of relationship can I expect with this agency? 3) How did they use their experience and skills to deliver a creative solution to my problem? 4) Were there problems encountered, and if so, how were they addressed? 5) Are their values on par with mine? 6) Will they deliver the results that I expect? You have to build trust with clients, which takes time and effort. Case studies and testimonials are a great place to start.
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