Tuesday, 30 June 2015 18:14

Employee Rewards and Incentives

Great employees are the backbone of any business.  Apathetic and unmotivated employees can suck the life out of the sales transactions they perform.  On the flip side, happy, engaged employees pass on their enthusiasm to their customers.  As a result, customers are more likely to become engaged and be repeat customers, if they are served by enthusiastic employees.  It stands to reason then, that happy employees boost the company's bottom line.  So, what are some ways that companies can retain content staff?

"You've done an amazing job", "keep up the good work", "bravo"... Praise, recognition, a pat on the back.  We all crave positive feedback when we put forth extra effort, and it's especially nice to hear from your employer when you have gone above and beyond.  Meaningful rewards and recognition provide an effective way of raising morale and encouraging higher levels of performance.  So how can you recognize an outstanding achievement?


First things first.  When you see that someone has done something exemplary, acknowledge it right away.  Don't be arbitrary or random in your responses.  If they put forth extra effort to complete a task ahead of schedule or went the extra mile to land a big contract, let them know.. How?

1) Perhaps through a staff appreciation program.  You can award points for reaching certain milestones or achievements, and points can be redeemed for privileges.

2) Another way is through employee recognition plaques or awards.  It gives employees something tangible they can put on their desk or on a shelf in their office.  It serves as a daily reminder that they did a great job and you took note: (see benchmarkdisplays/showcase) for some ideas..

3) Make it a team effort.  Post a "kudos" in the company newsletter, and ask employees to submit the name of a peer they would like to nominate.


These are just a few suggestions.. stay tuned for more....


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