With the technology craze in full swing, there is a lot of information out there on how to use technology to attract customers (see previous vinyl blog on QR Codes). If you have walked through a mall recently, and who hasn't? you probably noticed more stores using video kiosks, apps, and digital media to get customers in the door.  So, following this trend, here are several tips you can utilize with video marketing.  It doesn't have to cost a fortune, with a little ingenuity and a smartphone, you can create your very own scorsese-esq videos.

If you keep in contact with your best customers, sending them email updates periodically, how about creating a personal video message on a smartphone to communicate with them.  By creating a short (yes, short) video message, designed specifically for them, it adds the personal touch.  It could be showcasing a new product you think they might be interested in, or a how to video showing the latest gadget in use, whatever the case, most of us screen our calls these days because we are so busy, but we more than likely would take the time to watch a short video message, at our leisure, if came from someone we trusted.

Another great resource is Youtube.  Millions of videos are uploaded daily, it is free to use, and because it is also tied in with Google Plus, it has become a great social networking venue.  I can't tell you how many times I have looked on Youtube for "how to" videos.. Need to fix a garbage disposal? I found a video that helped me do it all on my own! Need to photoshop your ex out of all your vacation pics? There are plenty of videos to help you do just that.  If you have customers interested in how to do something, anything, related to your business, create a video for it... Start by asking your employees what questions customers often ask, and create a video around it.  Once you upload the video to your channel, you can share it on other social media sites, email it, or embed it on your own website.  One word of advice, if you decide to share it on other platforms, make sure you use hastags #custom cosmetic displays, (just an example) so your video can be more readily found.


Periscope, is another great tool for real-time video marketing.  It is like your own personal broadcast station.  Your followers are alerted whenever you are live on periscope and can ask you questions.  More on that in later posts as I am still figuring this one out!

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