Acrylic Storage Solution

Acrylic Storage Solution


  • Compact design
  • Break-resistant resins
  • Combination of molded and fabricated components
  • Individual holders for drug vial, bacteriostatic water and product information.
  • FDA Approved
  • Imprinted with promotional and mandatory copy


Agency - BioPharmaceutical Company


Clinicians and the FDA were asking for a new, permanent, dispensing tray for refrigerated storage of Genentech’s ‘Herceptin®’, cancer treatment dosages. Navigating corporate vessels through the treacherous shoals of a down business cycle can be difficult. Especially so these days when profits are squeezed between escalating costs and limited pricing power. Times like these require extraordinary customer service and creativity in order to maintain margins and keep customers in the fold.


Slingshot Marketing of San Francisco and Benchmark Displays partnered to design, gain approval and fully implement an attractive and functional, custom solution, in record time. Benchmark’s team created two prototypes that ultimately led to the finished designs. One small, clear, acrylic tray was to hold securely in place a single dosage comprised of the Herceptin and bacteriostatic water. The second, for larger clinics, was designed to hold and safely store five complete applications along with the required product information sheet. From initial contact, through concept development, prototype modeling, legal approvals, injection mold making, molding, logo and identity printing, packaging and air-shipment to Genentech marketing and sales personnel in the field, Benchmark completed the project in 90 days. Benchmark customer service and management personnel on the ground with its China-based manufacturing group of participating companies, worked virtually round-the-clock to coordinate, make timely decisions and provide Quality Control approvals along the way.

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