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Benchmark Displays' Boot Brochure Holder Wins Addy

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boot displaysWhen Michael Reher, Director of Marketing, Benchmark Displays, answered an inbound call one busy sales afternoon he spoke to a Texas gentleman who was looking for a unique POP display. The gentleman, Fielding Hickley, Jet Marketing and Advertising explained that he had a client who wanted a brochure holder that resembled boots. Hickley had found Benchmark through searches for custom displays and custom acrylic displays.

Julio Tapia, Customer Service Manager, at Benchmark Displays went straight to work on a creative design and adaptation of the brochure holder, a Benchmark staple and product trademark of Benchmark’s Taymar Plastic Displays. Because of Julio’s dedication to customer service and his creative vision, he designed a display and produced a prototype for Jet Marketing and Advertising. Their client loved it!

The Victoria Convention & Visitors Bureau, Victoria, Texas is proud to invite visitors and instructs them to “Bring Your Boots!” In Victoria, you will find something for every style. That is what Benchmark Displays did for Jet, created a stylish boot themed brochure holder.

Currently the boot displays are being placed on counters and concierge desks in hotels throughout the Victoria region. The boot displays are being filled with Visitor Guides, Golfing Guides, Shopping Guides, a Museum information card, and a coupon booklet that has coupons for different stores and restaurants around Victoria. The displays gave the Victoria Convention and Visitors Bureau an opportunity to place all the material in one convenient, recognizable, branded place at all the hotels in Victoria. When a guests asks the Hotel employees "What is there to do?" "Where is a good place to eat?" "Where can I shop?", the hotel employee now has the tools to answer these questions, and provide guests with all the information they could need, inevitably driving visitors to the shops, restaurants, events and activities of Victoria.

The custom brochure holder was part of the larger “Bring Your Boots” Campaign orchestrated by Jet, which garnished their team a prestigious 2011 Golden Addy for the POP Display.

“It is always exciting to see our custom displays in action, showcasing client products and materials”, said Joanne Frohman, President of Benchmark. “It is even more exciting when one of our displays receives an Award.”

The custom brochure holder was designed to sandwich the brochure pockets between two large cowboy boots giving the impression that the two boots were holding the brochures. There are six pockets, tiered-three high to hold rack cards and informational brochures.

Benchmark’s capability to produce custom displays is exemplified in everything they produce. Jet Marketing and Advertising chose Benchmark for their customer service, creativity, cost and timely delivery schedule.

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