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Wednesday, 22 January 2014 16:27

Awards Season Can Be a Year Round Event

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The Oscars and Golden Globes aren’t the only awards ceremonies to consider. In fact, when it comes to regular everyday life, there are many opportunities for awards ceremonies that Benchmark Displays can assist you with. No matter what your business or company entails, we have the ability to help you with your awards or specialty requests. With our extensive work with acrylic and Plexiglass, we can create just about anything your heart desires.

Kids’ Awards

Most parents know what it is like to shuttle the kids from one practice to another. Maybe you have a son in football and a daughter in ballet, or you could be a parent with two kids in soccer and another in piano lessons. No matter what activities you have your children involved with, it is almost guaranteed they will end up with an award of some kind or another. Your son may win most valuable player after a successful winning football season. Your daughter could win a most improved award at the end of a dance recital. If you are the leader of any of these groups, we can help provide you with custom awards made out of cut acrylic or Plexiglass that will last a lifetime.

Business Incentives

If you happen to be the proprietor of a small insurance company or other type of sales business, it would be safe to imagine you hold sales competitions at many points throughout the year. It’s even plausible that you will offer exciting incentives like a free dinner or weekend vacation. Once that dinner or vacation is over, though, the winners don’t have anything to show for their accomplishment.

This is where Benchmark Displays comes in. You could go the way of a custom cut acrylic award that they can display on their desk, or you could choose to give them a business card entrapment. It would not only display their business information, you could also have it custom engraved with the contest details and their results as something they can show off for years to come. If the contest you choose to run involves a drawing or raffle, we also have the ability to create a custom ballot box as well.

You can let your employees know just how much they mean to you by offering awards or custom business card displays for any achievements they may have throughout their time with your company.

No matter what end of the spectrum your request comes from, whether it is for children’s sports or for an adult’s work achievements, we can work with you to create something that not only showcases their accomplishments, but does so in a stylish way. 

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