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Boost Your Business With Custom Displays

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If you are in the business of offering a product in retail stores, one of the best ways to attract customers to your product over a competitor’s is by implementing a custom display.  If you product stands out and really “pops” so to speak, it will catch the eyes of your potential customers.  Studies have shown that visually appealing products on the shelf attract consumers attention, and increase the amount of time spent looking at these products!  The best part?  A custom display can be designed to target your ideal customer base.


Putting your Display to Work



 So let’s say that your company is looking to put your product up for sale, and let’s say for the sake of argument that you sell cosmetics, and you want to put them in a retail location, or maybe your product is a specialty beverage that you want to sell in an upscale liquor store.  A well thought out custom display can, and will increase visibility.  Taking into consideration the amount of time a customer will spend scanning the sales floor before heading to one display or another, keep in mind that consumers unconsciously tend to search for environments that create a positive mood and are inviting.  Why?  Because most purchasing decisions are emotion driven.  Using the most optimal display type, whether it’s acrylic, plexi, vinyl or chipboard, and being mindful that size, shape and color can all be deciding factors for increasing sales, you want to give your display a great deal of thought.  Given the fact that according to POPAI (Global Association for Marketing  at-Retail) 60% of purchases are decided right in the store, why leave it to chance?  Give your brand the boost that it needs!  Put Benchmark Displays to work for you and let us show you what we can do to increase your product’s sales!

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