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Brochure Holders Provide Excellent ROI

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Today’s economy and retail market place has forced business to be vigilant about capital and marketing investments. Choosing the most purposeful and cost effective method of  either displaying product or disseminating marketing information is imperative to a business investment.

Brochure holders are a great organizational tool to enhance the marketing strategy of any business. A brochure holder is an extension of your marketing and sales team to display important information about your goods and services to consumers. Customers can easily and without intimidation take your literature to learn more about your business, services or product.

Brochure holders are made of many different types of materials. There are floor stands, counter top and wall or window mountable holders. Many businesses use wire, metal or acrylic holders. Stores, medical offices and especially food outlets like to use economical and environmentally friendly holders made of  cardboard or plastic. Ultimately, your choice depends of  what provides you the most visibility and suits your branding.

As I have said before, choosing a display should be specific to your needs and where you are going to locate the display is important. Consider the longevity of your display. Will you keep and use your display for a year or more, then consider materials that are more rugged. Will your display be temporary or in an environment where it may be damaged easily or possibly taken, choose a disposable material. You will want to consider all possibilities, such as, will the display be on a counter, hanging on an entrance door, placed on a retail end-cap or free standing on a floor. Your brochure holder and literature needs to be attractive and eye-catching to consumers. You will attract more takers and traffic with quality brochure holders that include your branding.

Versatile holders, also known as convertible brochure holders allow you a variety of ways to be used. You can place convertible holders on counter tops or walls, eliminating your need to buy several different styles of holders that a designed for specific use. There are holders with multiple pockets, business card holders and combination literature frame and brochure holders.

There are a variety of brochure holders available online for both large quantity wholesale purchases and smaller end-user retail purchases. Most all brochure holders can be imprinted with your branding, depending on the quantity desired. If you have a non-standard size piece of literature, you will want a custom designed display. Take time to research what is available before making your purchase. Most customers find working with a display company with outstanding customer service benefits the bottom line. Remember all of  the points previously mentioned and you will receive a beneficial return on your investment.

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