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Tips for Designing an Effective Brochure

Brochures are still an integral part of collateral marketing, despite the growing popularity of online advertising.  People still love a tangible product that they can hold in their hands.  I for one, although I love my tablet, prefer to read a physical copy of a book, rather than read it online.  So, a well-designed, informative brochure can still capture the attention of your potential customers.  Here are a few tips to make your product brochure a keeper:

-        Make it interesting!  That may sound like a no brainer, but considering the fact that the average attention span of an adult consumer in 2013 was only 8 seconds (compared with a goldfish at 9 seconds) you better make a good impression right from the start.  Know your audience and what they are looking for.  For example, if you sell skin care products or cosmetics, how about including tips from the pro’s on maintaining a good skin care regime? 


Entice your customers to get them to look inside.  Let them know there is something inside worth looking into, so use thought provoking questions or statements, maybe even include a “special offer” or invitation.


Make it an interesting shape.  Who says you have to go with the traditional tri-fold brochure.  Using your imagination when designing your brochure can produce above average results in your marketing efforts.  Experiment with different types of paper and shapes.  I have seen some rather fetching brochures that were die cut in interesting patterns.


Make it Relevant.  Let the customer know what you are all about, using content that is not only interesting, but informative.  Include images (remember a picture is worth a thousand words) and a call to action.



When designing your next brochure, we hope these ideas give you a good start!

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As the times have changed in the world, so have the ways people do things. With more and more facilities and innovations in the market, people are becoming more organized in approach. It is common today, if you visit any office, you would invariably come across various types of holders used for a number of purposes. One thing that is quite common in offices are brochure holders. These holders are used in almost every office these days. They can be seen in varied sizes and shapes, simply embellishing the office space. In fact, it is literally unfeasible to visualize the image of an office without these holders that provide great utility as the workplace will look very messy with publicity or promotional material lying here and there without any proper structure.

Any one having an office would definitely not prefer to see leaflets, brochures, and other such material in a messy order. Therefore, acrylic literature holders are necessary in any office.  When you keep papers, catalogs, flyers and literature without any order, it becomes extremely difficult for you to find a particular article at the time when it is actually required. Placing things in order always help. Brochure and literature holders help in achieving just that. This is the reason why they have gained so much popularity over the years and offices around the world are using them. They come in different styles and designs-some of them look exceptionally elegant-and blend beautifully with your interiors serving another great purpose. In fact, you can have most styles custom made with special finishes and graphics. What actually these holders do is to help you keep all the necessary pieces of paper in order so that the office looks nice and clean. It keeps the office organized. For instance, when you need to find a particular piece of paper it becomes extremely easy. Apart from all this, they also help you make the best use of the space.

Now, as it is clear that pamphlet and brochure holders form a vital part of the office, they must be purchased as per the requirement. Wide varieties are available as far as holders are concerned. The market is flooded with such holders to help you keep your office uncluttered. The best part is that some of them are designed for specific purposes, while some are for multiple purposes. There are floor standing literature holders, wall mounted literature holders, counter top brochure holders and few more. There are holders that are designed to hold particular sizes of paper leaflets. For instance, there are holders that are designed to hold 4-inch wide by 8-inch tall size brochures and rack cards; then there are literature holders for 8 ½-inch wide sheets and flyers. The style and size of holders goes on and on and is nearly endless.

There are many good sources for acrylic displays and literature holders on the internet. You can do organic searches or click on those sponsor paid ads. If you want to buy from companies that have excellent customer service, quality products and will take care of you, contact or Both have been around a long time and have excellent reputations.

Published in Benchmark Blog
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