Using brochure holders are a great idea as they offer the opportunity to show off your services to the customers you are advertising to, but still have them sitting up nice and neat. For those who are not interested, they can walk right by. No one has to hand them anything as the holder will carry the information and be available for those who want it.

Many businesses use literature holders to show off their business information. It is very convenient to use as the container can be easily placed on a desk or a welcoming area of a business. It can be on a wall or in a lobby. These containers will show off the information that the business wants the customer to know about, without taking attention away from the information itself.

Many doctor offices will utilize this piece of equipment as they are easy to fill and the customers can see them easily. Some smaller businesses will purchase these and when they have a vendor fair or business fair of some kind, they can set them up on the tables and people strolling through who want to know more about their business can take one.

Not only does this allow the business or event to tell the community about their services or what they have planned, it also provides a place for the customer to read about it and then…

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Cardboard brochure holders from Displays are the perfect choice for temporary locations, large events and where disposable materials are required. Large-scale events such as music festivals, auto shows, home shows and more have experienced constant breakage of plastic display holders. In order to assist large scale venues and business reduce the costs associated with breakage Displays offers a variety of chipboard recyclable and environmentally friendly literature holders.

POP Displays made of cardboard are not cheap looking. On the contrary, you will be sending a message to your customers that your company respects the environment and that you are doing your part to reduce carbon footprints for a healthier world. You can join major manufactures, suppliers and retail stores whose first choice for point of purchase displays are effective, reliable, economical and environmentally friendly displays.

There are several advantages for the use of economy displays produced with environmentally friendly materials. One advantage is chipboard displays won’t break, which is often the case in high traffic areas where the public accidentally cause plastic holders to fall off counter tops. Another advantage is that cardboard displays can ship flat and are easily assembled on site by event staff and volunteers. A box of fifty ship flat brochure holders costs much less, than shipping five boxes of plastic brochure holders. Additionally there is no chance of breakage during shipping. Because of the inexpensive nature of cardboard displays, you...

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