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This is a good article for small to medium businesses to read. Kudos the Michael Mehntor for this one!

Successful business people, entertainers and others know, when you dress for success you will achieve success. Dress for success is not just about the garments you wear. It is about your overall look. How you catch another person’s eye. How you get the customer to buy from you. It all has to do with how you dress your business.

Merchandising displays, literature holders and crystal clear acrylic displays are inexpensive tools for dressing your business for success. Many small business retail owners offer wonderful products, but lack the understanding of how to merchandize and move inventory. Those business owners may say, “look at all I have to sell and I have more in the back”, yet can’t seem to make the sale. The problem may well be the chaos and clutter in their store.

During one of my recent trips to a unique destination shopping area, I compared similar businesses and why one was more successful than the other was. The first store I entered had been in business for years. I was overwhelmed by the inventory display. I felt a bit claustrophobic as I moved about the display isles, careful not to knock over crowded displays. I felt a little like a ‘kid in a candy shop’. There was so much to see in such a small crowded space, I couldn’t see. When I asked for some product information, the clerk was up to the ears in boxes in the back. They said they were looking for a new product to put on the shelf and would be right with me.

The second store I entered was easily competing with the other. The place was bustling with people and energy. The store did not feel crowded at all. It actually was inviting and fun. Products were clearly displayed. I asked the young owner how was business. She explained that business was great. I sell what you see and my suppliers can restock me in a day or two.

I couldn’t help but contrast between the two stores. One was shelf full like a warehouse and the other was open, inviting and very visually appealing. She had utilized many acrylic displays and great merchandising tools. Even the crystal clear sign holders throughout the store incorporated the store branding. The owner said she looked at the way theme parks did things and knew if it made them successful it could work for here too. She was dressed for success.

Having a storefront or any business for that matter, organized, clean and inviting will win over customers, the same way a driver enjoys a country road over a jammed freeway. Dress your business for success.

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