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Displays that work!

How do you show off your products? How do you sell yourself and your business to your potential customers? How do you put the WORD out in front of your customers?

How do you control the clutter of magazines and flyers in your customer service centers and reception areas? Do you put a stack of business cards or flyers on a counter or near the exit door? Do the stacks become a torrent of papers when the door opens and the wind blows or when the children have to touch everything? Your presentation of your information is a reflection of how you do business.

I have seen many businesses improve their sales and services by simply investing in a few economical plastic or acrylic display items. The owner of Ole Salsa Shop would tape flyers about specials and upcoming events on windows and doors. Within days if not hours the flyers would be ripped or have curled edges from the sun. Transparent tape stuck to the windows, was seldom cleaned off, and that would require a razor and maybe glue-remover.

I like to see businesses thrive and succeed. After shopping the store several times for unique bbq hot sauces and developing a rapport with the owner, one day I stopped in with an acrylic vertical wall frame and a couple of suction cup hangers. I gave it to the shop owner, suggesting he give it a try. If he didn’t like it, he was free to throw it away or give it back. I bought a couple of items, wished him well and headed home.

The next week when I was shopping at the store, the owner thanked me for the sign holder. He said several customers had commented how the sign holder made the flyer stand out and made them think about the sale special. He asked me if there was a similar product he could use by his cash register so customers could take the sales sheet with them. I suggested a counter top literature holder with a business card holder. He mused why the copy store had not suggested something to hold all the flyers.

During the next few weeks, Ole’s incorporated many point of sale displays, cleared counter clutter and experienced greater sales and happier customers. I’ll stop at the copy store next week and ask for a printing bid. Maybe they will need counter top brochure holders?

The Display Professor

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