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boot displaysWhen Michael Reher, Director of Marketing, Benchmark Displays, answered an inbound call one busy sales afternoon he spoke to a Texas gentleman who was looking for a unique POP display. The gentleman, Fielding Hickley, Jet Marketing and Advertising explained that he had a client who wanted a brochure holder that resembled boots. Hickley had found Benchmark through searches for custom displays and custom acrylic displays.

Julio Tapia, Customer Service Manager, at Benchmark Displays went straight to work on a creative design and adaptation of the brochure holder, a Benchmark staple and product trademark of Benchmark’s Taymar Plastic Displays. Because of Julio’s dedication to customer service and his creative vision, he designed a display and produced a prototype for Jet Marketing and Advertising. Their client loved it!

The Victoria Convention & Visitors Bureau, Victoria, Texas is proud to invite visitors and instructs them to “Bring Your Boots!” In Victoria, you will find something for every style. That is what Benchmark Displays did for Jet, created a stylish boot themed brochure holder.

Currently the boot displays are being placed on counters and concierge desks in hotels throughout the Victoria region. The boot displays are being filled with Visitor Guides, Golfing Guides, Shopping Guides, a Museum information card, and a coupon booklet that has coupons for different stores and restaurants around Victoria. The displays gave the Victoria Convention and Visitors Bureau an opportunity to place all the material in one convenient, recognizable, branded place at all the hotels in Victoria. When a guests asks the Hotel employees "What is there to do?" "Where is a good place to eat?" "Where can I shop?", the hotel employee now has the tools to answer these questions, and provide guests with all the information they could need, inevitably driving visitors to the shops, restaurants, events and activities of Victoria.

The custom brochure holder was part of the larger “Bring Your Boots” Campaign orchestrated by Jet, which garnished their team a prestigious 2011 Golden Addy for the POP Display.

“It is always exciting to see our custom displays in action, showcasing client products and materials”, said Joanne Frohman, President of Benchmark. “It is even more exciting when one of our displays receives an Award.”

The custom brochure holder was designed to sandwich the brochure pockets between two large cowboy boots giving the impression that the two boots were holding the brochures. There are six pockets, tiered-three high to hold rack cards and informational brochures.

Benchmark’s capability to produce custom displays is exemplified in everything they produce. Jet Marketing and Advertising chose Benchmark for their customer service, creativity, cost and timely delivery schedule.

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Blog / Dress For Success

This is a good article for small to medium businesses to read. Kudos the Michael Mehntor for this one!

Successful business people, entertainers and others know, when you dress for success you will achieve success. Dress for success is not just about the garments you wear. It is about your overall look. How you catch another person’s eye. How you get the customer to buy from you. It all has to do with how you dress your business.

Merchandising displays, literature holders and crystal clear acrylic displays are inexpensive tools for dressing your business for success. Many small business retail owners offer wonderful products, but lack the understanding of how to merchandize and move inventory. Those business owners may say, “look at all I have to sell and I have more in the back”, yet can’t seem to make the sale. The problem may well be the chaos and clutter in their store.

During one of my recent trips to a unique destination shopping area, I compared similar businesses and why one was more successful than the other was. The first store I entered had been in business for years. I was overwhelmed by the inventory display. I felt a bit claustrophobic as I moved about the display isles, careful not to knock over crowded displays. I felt a little like a ‘kid in a candy shop’. There was so much to see in such a small crowded space, I couldn’t see. When I asked for some product information, the clerk was up to the ears in boxes in the back. They said they were looking for a new product to put on the shelf and would be right with me.

The second store I entered was easily competing with the other. The place was bustling with people and energy. The store did not feel crowded at all. It actually was inviting and fun. Products were clearly displayed. I asked the young owner how was business. She explained that business was great. I sell what you see and my suppliers can restock me in a day or two.

I couldn’t help but contrast between the two stores. One was shelf full like a warehouse and the other was open, inviting and very visually appealing. She had utilized many acrylic displays and great merchandising tools. Even the crystal clear sign holders throughout the store incorporated the store branding. The owner said she looked at the way theme parks did things and knew if it made them successful it could work for here too. She was dressed for success.

Having a storefront or any business for that matter, organized, clean and inviting will win over customers, the same way a driver enjoys a country road over a jammed freeway. Dress your business for success.

You can find stock displays from many sources. Some, like and Benchmark Displays have outstanding customer service and can quickly help you create the personal branding your business deserves.

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Great Marketing Strategy

John Rowbotham has written good words about Brochure Holders and Marketing Strategy. Check it out!

As the times have changed in the world, so have the ways people do things. With more and more facilities and innovations in the market, people are becoming more organized in approach. It is common today, if you visit any office, you would invariably come across various types of holders used for a number of purposes. One thing that is quite common in offices are brochure holders. These holders are used in almost every office these days. They can be seen in varied sizes and shapes, simply embellishing the office space. In fact, it is literally unfeasible to visualize the image of an office without these holders that provide great utility as the workplace will look very messy with publicity or promotional material lying here and there without any proper structure.

Any one having an office would definitely not prefer to see leaflets, brochures, and other such material in a messy order. Therefore, acrylic literature holders are necessary in any office.  When you keep papers, catalogs, flyers and literature without any order, it becomes extremely difficult for you to find a particular article at the time when it is actually required. Placing things in order always help. Brochure and literature holders help in achieving just that. This is the reason why they have gained so much popularity over the years and offices around the world are using them. They come in different styles and designs-some of them look exceptionally elegant-and blend beautifully with your interiors serving another great purpose. In fact, you can have most styles custom made with special finishes and graphics. What actually these holders do is to help you keep all the necessary pieces of paper in order so that the office looks nice and clean. It keeps the office organized. For instance, when you need to find a particular piece of paper it becomes extremely easy. Apart from all this, they also help you make the best use of the space.

Now, as it is clear that pamphlet and brochure holders form a vital part of the office, they must be purchased as per the requirement. Wide varieties are available as far as holders are concerned. The market is flooded with such holders to help you keep your office uncluttered. The best part is that some of them are designed for specific purposes, while some are for multiple purposes. There are floor standing literature holders, wall mounted literature holders, counter top brochure holders and few more. There are holders that are designed to hold particular sizes of paper leaflets. For instance, there are holders that are designed to hold 4-inch wide by 8-inch tall size brochures and rack cards; then there are literature holders for 8 ½-inch wide sheets and flyers. The style and size of holders goes on and on and is nearly endless.

There are many good sources for acrylic displays and literature holders on the internet. You can do organic searches or click on those sponsor paid ads. If you want to buy from companies that have excellent customer service, quality products and will take care of you, contact or Both have been around a long time and have excellent reputations.

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Taymar Plastic Displays has New Home

I am always encouraged to see exciting progress being made in the point of purchase display world. Such is the case this week as Benchmark Displays announced that they are the home of   Taymar Plastic Displays. Taymar was established in more than 25 years ago and made the brochure holder what it is today. Check out Benchmarks latest promotion. And follow them on Facebook and Twitter for more deals.

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Brochure Holders Provide Excellent ROI

Today’s economy and retail market place has forced business to be vigilant about capital and marketing investments. Choosing the most purposeful and cost effective method of  either displaying product or disseminating marketing information is imperative to a business investment.

Brochure holders are a great organizational tool to enhance the marketing strategy of any business. A brochure holder is an extension of your marketing and sales team to display important information about your goods and services to consumers. Customers can easily and without intimidation take your literature to learn more about your business, services or product.

Brochure holders are made of many different types of materials. There are floor stands, counter top and wall or window mountable holders. Many businesses use wire, metal or acrylic holders. Stores, medical offices and especially food outlets like to use economical and environmentally friendly holders made of  cardboard or plastic. Ultimately, your choice depends of  what provides you the most visibility and suits your branding.

As I have said before, choosing a display should be specific to your needs and where you are going to locate the display is important. Consider the longevity of your display. Will you keep and use your display for a year or more, then consider materials that are more rugged. Will your display be temporary or in an environment where it may be damaged easily or possibly taken, choose a disposable material. You will want to consider all possibilities, such as, will the display be on a counter, hanging on an entrance door, placed on a retail end-cap or free standing on a floor. Your brochure holder and literature needs to be attractive and eye-catching to consumers. You will attract more takers and traffic with quality brochure holders that include your branding.

Versatile holders, also known as convertible brochure holders allow you a variety of ways to be used. You can place convertible holders on counter tops or walls, eliminating your need to buy several different styles of holders that a designed for specific use. There are holders with multiple pockets, business card holders and combination literature frame and brochure holders.

There are a variety of brochure holders available online for both large quantity wholesale purchases and smaller end-user retail purchases. Most all brochure holders can be imprinted with your branding, depending on the quantity desired. If you have a non-standard size piece of literature, you will want a custom designed display. Take time to research what is available before making your purchase. Most customers find working with a display company with outstanding customer service benefits the bottom line. Remember all of  the points previously mentioned and you will receive a beneficial return on your investment.

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Quality Displays Americans Can Use

America has many of the most growing marketing businesses and owners in the world. One company helping businesses grow is Benchmark Displays who offer a wide variety of point of purchase and marketing displays as well as trade shows displays. Benchmark can even custom produce designs for you. Benchmark’s customer service team is the best in the industry. They will work with you every step of the way, through your design and purchase needs.

Benchmark’s unique ability to capitalize on more than 100 years of combined manufacturing and sourcing knowledge in the display industry, means cost benefits to your business. They will work with your budget to produce quality displays or help you find a stock displays for your marketing needs. Benchmark is extremely knowledgeable in working with strategic manufacturing partners throughout the United States, North America, Mexico and Asia. You will be hard pressed to find a more capable display company. Even small emerging business owners with little knowledge of point of purchase displays will benefit from the top service Benchmark gives to every customer. They are willing to design, build and re-vamp displays, just for you.

Benchmark Displays offers a full line of Trade Show Displays and supplies that can be viewed on their internet retail site Displays Direct. You will find excellent exhibits from leading manufactures throughout America at some of the best prices around.

Using brochure holders are a great idea as they offer the opportunity to show off your services to the customers you are advertising to, but still have them sitting up nice and neat. For those who are not interested, they can walk right by. No one has to hand them anything as the holder will carry the information and be available for those who want it.

Many businesses use literature holders to show off their business information. It is very convenient to use as the container can be easily placed on a desk or a welcoming area of a business. It can be on a wall or in a lobby. These containers will show off the information that the business wants the customer to know about, without taking attention away from the information itself.

Many doctor offices will utilize this piece of equipment as they are easy to fill and the customers can see them easily. Some smaller businesses will purchase these and when they have a vendor fair or business fair of some kind, they can set them up on the tables and people strolling through who want to know more about their business can take one.

Not only does this allow the business or event to tell the community about their services or what they have planned, it also provides a place for the customer to read about it and then…

Cardboard brochure holders from Displays are the perfect choice for temporary locations, large events and where disposable materials are required. Large-scale events such as music festivals, auto shows, home shows and more have experienced constant breakage of plastic display holders. In order to assist large scale venues and business reduce the costs associated with breakage Displays offers a variety of chipboard recyclable and environmentally friendly literature holders.

POP Displays made of cardboard are not cheap looking. On the contrary, you will be sending a message to your customers that your company respects the environment and that you are doing your part to reduce carbon footprints for a healthier world. You can join major manufactures, suppliers and retail stores whose first choice for point of purchase displays are effective, reliable, economical and environmentally friendly displays.

There are several advantages for the use of economy displays produced with environmentally friendly materials. One advantage is chipboard displays won’t break, which is often the case in high traffic areas where the public accidentally cause plastic holders to fall off counter tops. Another advantage is that cardboard displays can ship flat and are easily assembled on site by event staff and volunteers. A box of fifty ship flat brochure holders costs much less, than shipping five boxes of plastic brochure holders. Additionally there is no chance of breakage during shipping. Because of the inexpensive nature of cardboard displays, you...

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Displays that work!

How do you show off your products? How do you sell yourself and your business to your potential customers? How do you put the WORD out in front of your customers?

How do you control the clutter of magazines and flyers in your customer service centers and reception areas? Do you put a stack of business cards or flyers on a counter or near the exit door? Do the stacks become a torrent of papers when the door opens and the wind blows or when the children have to touch everything? Your presentation of your information is a reflection of how you do business.

I have seen many businesses improve their sales and services by simply investing in a few economical plastic or acrylic display items. The owner of Ole Salsa Shop would tape flyers about specials and upcoming events on windows and doors. Within days if not hours the flyers would be ripped or have curled edges from the sun. Transparent tape stuck to the windows, was seldom cleaned off, and that would require a razor and maybe glue-remover.

I like to see businesses thrive and succeed. After shopping the store several times for unique bbq hot sauces and developing a rapport with the owner, one day I stopped in with an acrylic vertical wall frame and a couple of suction cup hangers. I gave it to the shop owner, suggesting he give it a try. If he didn’t like it, he was free to throw it away or give it back. I bought a couple of items, wished him well and headed home.

The next week when I was shopping at the store, the owner thanked me for the sign holder. He said several customers had commented how the sign holder made the flyer stand out and made them think about the sale special. He asked me if there was a similar product he could use by his cash register so customers could take the sales sheet with them. I suggested a counter top literature holder with a business card holder. He mused why the copy store had not suggested something to hold all the flyers.

During the next few weeks, Ole’s incorporated many point of sale displays, cleared counter clutter and experienced greater sales and happier customers. I’ll stop at the copy store next week and ask for a printing bid. Maybe they will need counter top brochure holders?

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